Research Findings

Mortality Studies - Breast Cancer

Breast cancer risk and protracted low-to-moderate dose occupational radiation exposure in the US Radiologic Technologists Cohort, 1983–2008 (2016)
 Breast cancer incidence (1,922 cases) and mortality (586 deaths) increased with increasing radiation dose to the breast in female radiologic technologic. Risks were most pronounced in women who were born before 1930 and began working before 1950, when the doses were considerably higher.
Breast cancer mortality among female radiologic technologists in the United States (2002)
 Breast cancer mortality risk was highest among women who began working as a radiologic technologist before 1940 and among those who first performed fluoroscopy and multi-film procedures before 1950. Risk increased significantly with increasing number of years worked as a radiologic technologist before 1950.