Research Findings

Incidence Studies - Non-malignant Diseases

Lifetime exposure to ultraviolet radiation and the risk of multiple sclerosis in the US radiologic technologists cohort study (2018)
 Risk for multiple sclerosis in relation to age-specific and lifetime ambient ultraviolet radiation (UVR) exposure was assessed in 39,801 U.S. radiologic technologists who completed the third (2003-2005) and fourth (2012-2013) cohort surveys. Estimates of ambient UVR were derived by linking lifetime residential histories with the NASA database of recorded satellite UVR measurements. Multiple sclerosis risk increased with decreasing lifetime ambient winter UVR exposure, with similar patterns observed for exposures at ages <12, 13-19, and 30-39. Ambient summer UVR exposures and winter exposures over age 40 were not associated with risk.