Research Findings

Biodosimetry - Personal Medical Radiation

Diagnostic X-ray examinations and increased chromosome translocations: evidence from three studies (2010)
 To assess whether chromosome damage was increased following exposure to diagnostic X-rays, in particular below approximately 50 mGy, we pooled chromosome translocation frequency data from three occupational studies of medical radiologic technologists, airline pilots, and university faculty members. Cumulative red bone marrow (RBM) dose scores were computed based on self-reported numbers and types of x-ray examinations. Mean RBM dose scores, in the three studies were 49, 42, and 11 (1 unit approximates 1 mGy). Translocation frequencies significantly increased with increasing dose score, including when we restricted to dose scores of approximately 50 mGy and less. These results suggest measureable chromosome damage may occur at relatively low bone marrow doses.
Increased frequency of chromosome translocations associated with diagnostic x-ray examinations (2008)
 Chromosome aberrations have been associated with increased cancer risk and translocations are a known biomarker for radiation exposure. Translocation frequencies in 79 radiologic technologists were determined using whole chromosome painting. Red bone marrow dose scores from personal diagnostic radiation were estimated from X-ray examinations reported by the technologists. After adjustment for age, occupational radiation, and radiotherapy for benign conditions, translocation frequencies significantly increased with increasing red bone marrow dose score.
Routine diagnostic X-ray examinations and increased frequency of chromosome translocations among U.S. radiologic technologists (2008)
 Chromosome translocation frequencies in peripheral blood lymphocytes were determined for 150 radiologic technologists with a wide-range of estimated occupational radiation doses using whole chromosome painting. In an evaluation of the independent relationship between translocation frequencies and personal diagnostic radiation exposure to red bone marrow (RBM), estimated from self-reported X-ray examinations, we found that translocation frequencies increased significantly with increasing RBM dose scores.