What participants are saying about the USRT Study...

Comments written on surveys...

"Glad you're doing it."

"Thank you for undertaking this endeavor."

"Am glad to do what I can to help to keep future technologists healthy in this work field."

"I want to thank you for doing this survey. I think it is important to keep track of our health issues for our future and the future of others."

"Thank you for doing this! ... I am no longer taking x-rays but would like to remain in the study."

"I answered to the best of my ability. Some answers are approximate."

"Thank you for taking such an issue on behalf of technologists. I left the field but still wonder if the radiation will continue to affect my health."

"Thanks for taking the interest and effort to do this. I hope this will assist future generations of radiology, nuclear medicine workers."

"It's good to see this continue as the population ages. I left the field in 1991 but am still interested in the effects of ionizing radiation on health. I was only 17 when I entered the field and protective devices, equipment, dosimetry, etc. were much different in 1965."

"Am glad to do what I can to help to keep future technologists health in this work field."

"Thanks for the opportunity to participate in this much needed study."