What happens to your USRT survey after you mail it in?

Here are a few snapshots of USRT surveys being received and processed at the USRT survey center.

Survey Bins
  1. Within one week after mailing, we started to receive completed surveys.

    The first weekend resulted in 92 bins of mail being delivered to the survey center!
envelope opener
  1. Special equipment is used to slice open the envelopes so surveys can be processed efficiently.

staff viewing survey
  1. Once opened, staff look through each survey for any additional comments or documents needing special handling outside of the scanning process.

    This is one of many steps taken to ensure the quality of the data collection process.

batches of surveys
  1. The surveys are carefully batched in preparation for scanning.

  1. High speed scanners read the forms and capture the responses in a secure database ready for analysis.


Thank you for participating. We couldn't do the study without you!